How New Boho Turns Modern Homes into Personal Havens

Traditional Bohemian styles in interior design might not be for everyone, myself included. I have never related to the unpredictable and heavy combination of colors, textures and patterns that is linked to Boho decor. I found it too rustic, “messy” and “unorganized” for my taste (I am on the verge of being OCD so the whole style never really worked for me).

However, I must admit that Boho style has some interesting attributes worth considering: fearlessness when using color, openness towards cultures and crafts of the world, how it creates authentic and individualistic interiors reflective of the home owners’ personality and taste and finally how it allows for total freedom in creative self-expression. 

As a result, Boho interiors look rich, personal and casual, and feel relaxed and unique.

For someone who likes polished -but- cozy interiors (like myself), I’ve started looking for examples of interiors where Boho’s best features were creatively used to bring detail, depth, personality and character to modern interiors. I have narrowed them to the following styles:

Urban Boho “à la Matthew Williamson“: The style is flamboyant, bold, a dash eccentric and somehow harmonious. This is how Matthew Williamson works with color to create inviting interiors. (Photos source)

Wild” New Boho: Justina Blakeney’s style where a blend of quality furniture and handmade pieces work really well with color, patterns and plants at the heart of inspiration. (Photos source)

Boho to enhance the traditional country styleottomans, butterfly pillows and patterned rugs add a touch of fun to a traditional country style. (Photos source)

Boho Scandi: to spice up a Scandinavian interior with decorative cushions, ethnic linen and textured upholsteries. (Photos source)

Boho Industrial (My favorite actually!): where eye-catching patterns create an interesting contrast with the sleek and modern style of these interiors. (Photos source)

Boho Minimalist (My second favorite!): where neutral walls are the perfect backdrop for patterned and colorful accents. (Photos source)

And finally, the ultimate interpretation of Boho chic style with Yves Saint Laurent’s house in Marrakech: simply timeless and incomparable. Given the designer’s flair for flamboyancy and appreciation of craftmanship, it is no surprise that these interiors are truly spectacular. (Photos source)

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Inass M. Jenner

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